Claudia by Blancafort


BLANCAFORT produces the best gluten-free and lactose-free ham, using meat from the best ecological farms.

The ham is boned using the traditional process which maintains its form. It is then seasoned with a broth prepared with ecological herbs, juniper berries, bay leaves and other herbs. We leave it to marinate for a long period of time and we shape it so that it maintains all its form. It is cooked slowly, at a low temperature, so that it does not lose its attributes and characteristics. In that way, we obtain a bouquet which is a treat for the palate.

We take care of every detail: our ham is branded with its name, CLAUDIA, and packaged in green aluminium foil, which protects it from light and isolates it from the environment, thus preserving it in an optimal way. We then place it in wood so that the product does not suffer during transportation.

This is how we create a unique product: we let time go by slowly, without a sense of urgency, so that cooked ham connoisseurs can enjoy an unforgettable sensation. It is such a unique product that we think that it should have its own name: CLAUDIA.

CLAUDIA is a symbol of our experience and quality, and a masterpiece resulting from the BLANCAFORT family's passion for this art, which it has felt for over one century.

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