Master charcutiers since 1908

Early 20th century

The brand Blancafort was founded in Vic, clearly with a family approach. The simple and direct label reflected the spirit of the time.


Blancafort continued growing and adapted to the times.


Cooked ham became Blancafort's speciality.


Blancafort's technological innovation was embodied in new production and labelling techniques.


The new design wanted to pay homage to Blancafort's origins in the early 20th century, an era which was marked by industrial growth and Modernism.


The Blancafort BioOrganic range was launched to meet the demand for ecological products.


The Blancafort brand was redesigned to celebrate the quality and tradition of its over 100-year history while preparing for the 21st century.


The production plants were expanded in a single building and the parent company's corporate identity was renewed.

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